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For the past 38 years, I have truly enjoyed serving my clients and helping them with their various aesthetic needs. Sixteen years ago, I was totally intrigued when I heard about laser hair removal, and I quickly decided to try it for myself.


Finally I could help so many more clients find a satisfying and permanent solution to unwanted body hair and especially embarassing facial hair, ingrowns and rashes. My clients constantly tell me that laser hair removal is the best money they’ve ever spent.


My passion for skin health and rejuvenation also remains a priority. I offer additional services to meet your unique needs, including microneedling, facials, spider vein treatments and more.


My committment is to provide you with a private, comfortable atmosphere and the personalized service that you deserve. I will give you great value as I am very meticulous and truly care about the quality of my work.​ I look forward to seeing you!

—Debbie Eyraud

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