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laser hair


Much gentler on darker skin tones than ever before.

Not effective for permanent reduction on blonde, white, gray or red hair.

Fotona's high-performance Nd:YAG laser systems with FRAC3® technology have introduced new standards of efficiency in providing safe and effective hair reduction – using an innovative system that effectively targets hair follicles with a combination of selective and homogenous photothermolysis.


Safe for All Skin Types

Fotona’s Nd:YAG lasers incorporate revolutionary pulse-control technology and a proprietary three-dimensional treatment pattern (FRAC3®) to provide safe and effective hair reduction. Unlike other wavelengths, only Nd:YAG is safe to use on all skin types. Fotona’s innovative system effectively targets surface treatment areas while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.

The success of hair reduction treatments depends largely on a patient’s skin and hair type, as well as the skills and treatment insight of the practitioner. Most patients can expect a significant reduction in unwanted hair, and any future hair growth will usually be thinner and lighter, and thus much less pronounced than before.

High-Performance Hair Reduction

You can easily treat large areas such as the legs, back and chest quickly and efficiently, making laser treatments one of the most cost-effective solutions for long-term hair reduction. Fotona's high peak-power laser pulses provide the speed and efficiency needed to uniformly cover large areas.


Depending on the size of the treatment area, between six to eight sessions, four to eight weeks apart will lead to a significant aesthetic and clinical result. Areas above the neck are scheduled every 4-6 weeks and body areas are usually treated every 8-10 weeks.

When you come for your first appointment, we will do a consultation and explain the procedure. After filling out a questionnaire you will have time to ask any questions you are concerned about. Then we can do a test patch so you can see how its done, The consultation usually takes about 30 minutes. If you would like to bring a friend we'd be more than happy to explain the procedure to you both at the same time.

Free consultation and test patch!

Have 3 or more areas treated, save 20%.

Have 2 areas treated, save 15%.


Lip or Chin  /  40

Neck or Sideburns  /  40

Full Face  /  130

Underarms  /  75

Lower Arms  /  110

   w/ Underarms  / 150

Hands or Feet  /  35

Bikini, Regular  / 75

Bikini, Plus  /  95

Bikini, Full  /  115

Abdomen, Full  /  75

Ab. Center Strip  /  35

Upper Legs  /  195

Lower Legs  /  165

Full Legs  /  295

Full Leg and Reg. Bikini  /  325


Nose  /  35

Ears  /  50

Front or Back of Neck  /  55

Shoulders  /  95

Shoulders/Neck  /  130

Back Only  /  225

Full Back w/ Neck & Shoulders  /  300

Chest or Abdomen  /  130

Chest and Abdomen  /  225

Prices are per treatment

frequently asked questions

Why the Fotona XP Nd:YAG laser?

Less invasive, safer treatments and shorter downtime. With over 55 years of experience in laser technology, Fotona is leading the industry forward with new levels of innovation and performance.

This Fotona laser delivers a 1064nm wavelength in small bursts of quick energy, which preserves the surrounding healthy tissue in a way like never before.

When can laser not be done?

  • If your hair is white, gray, blonde ­or reddish

  • If you are pregnant

  • If you have recently waxed, tweezed within the last 4 weeks

  • If you have keloid scars

  • If you are on Accutane (must be off for 1 year)

  • If you are on Tetracycline (must be off for 1 month)

  • Use with caution if you suffer from cold sores or genital herpes


How many treatments will I need?

Most people will need 6–8 treatments, spaced 4–6 weeks apart for facial hair and 6–10 weeks for body hair. It's very important to return for treatment as soon as you see regrowth. One year after the end of your sessions, maintenance may be required which is given at a significantly reduced rate. Every client's expectations of hair loss are different. Some may be happy with 50–60% loss and want to discontinue, and others will want to continue until they reach the maximum loss of 70–95%. No one will ever be 100% hair-free.


Is there a guarantee that this will work?

Laser reduction works 90% of the time in most individuals. This cannot usually be determined until after 2 treatments.



Why does it take multiple sessions to permanently reduce hair growth?

Hair grows in continuous cycles. The anagen or active phase of hair contains the largests amount of color, about 20–30%, so it is only these hairs that are affected each treatment.

Why is a consultation important?

Your first visit will be an opportunity to learn about the process and ask any questions you may have. We will also be able to do a test patch, so you can experience what it feels like and we can see the skin's reaction.

Why are some results better than others?

The success of your treatments depends on the number and consistency of your visits as well as the thickness and color of your hair. Finer hair and dark-skinned clients may require more treatments. If you suffer from a hormonal imbalance or have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), your treatments may include ongoing maintenance. Younger clients may be treated after they have gone through puberty, but due to ongoing hormonal changes (up to around age 25), results may vary.


Why am I experiencing new hair growth?

This can be the result of medication, genetic disposition or age-related hormonal changes.


What should I do before my treatment?

Try to avoid sun exposure. You cannot wax, tweeze, thread, sugar or have electrolysis for 4 weeks before a treatment. You can, however, shave, trim, bleach or use cream depilatories. The day of your treatment, the hair will need to have been freshly shaved, unless I suggest otherwise. Apply cold sore cream (e.g., Abreva) for 2–3 days before and 3 days after your treatment.


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