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Precision cryotherapy using a specialized Pen, Licensed by Health Canada to erase dark spots, skin tags and other bothersome lesions in seconds. 


High pressure nitrous oxide gas is released from the FreezPen. The applicator's tip creates a focused gas jet that can be easily targeted only at the lesion itself for maximal precision. The targeted tissue temperature drops to -89 degrees C ( the minimum threshold for cryonecrosis is approximately -60 degrees C) Ice immediately forms and expands inside the cells. High pressure ruptures the cell's membranes and the cells are destroyed. Care is taken to examine lesions following THE "ABCDE" RULE 

A. Asymmetry                

B. Borders

C. Color

D. Diameter

E. Evolution


If there is a suspicious looking lesion, you will be referred to a physician for a biopsy. 


During healing, dead cells are eliminated and the lesion shrinks over time. The damages tissue may become red and swollen or a temporary blister may appear. After accouple weeks the damaged tissue sheds to allow new healthy tissue to grow in the same area. Generally there is no special post-treatment care regime except application of a healing ointment (such as Aquaphor) to promote a more effective healing process. A follow up visit is scheduled after 2-3 weeks to determine if a second treatment is necessary.

Prices are for one, three or five spots.


Small — 2–3mm

Medium 4–6mm

Large — 7–10mm

Pigmentation (sunspots)

Small  /  25  /  60  /  90

Medium  /  30  /  70  /  105

Large  /  35  /  80  /  120

Skintags, Moles and Keratosis

Small  /  30  /  70  /  105

Medium  /  40  /  95  /  140

Large  /  50  /  120  /  175


Small  /  45  /  105  /  155

Medium  /  55  /  130  /  190

Large  /  65  /  155  /  225

frequently asked questions

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the gold standard for removal of skin lessions in dermatology and aesthetic practices. It is controlled destruction of unwanted tissue through the application of extreme cold.

How long will it take for the lesion to disappear?

Your lesion is expected to fall off 2–4 weeks after the treatment. Some lesions are more persistent and may take longer to disappear.


How does the FreezPen treatment feel?

The treatment is comfortable, and doesn't hurt. It feels like a light pinch. There is no need for local anesthesia.




How soon after the treatment can I return to my daily activity?

Immediately after. FreezPen treatments involve zero downtime.

How many treatments are required?

Most lesions require one treatment. Large lesions, such as warts, may require 1–2 follow-up treatments.

Will the FreezPen treatment leave any scars on my skin?

No. FreezPen is a non-invasive treatment. Temporary blistering may occur, but there will be no permanent scars or marks left on your skin.


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